Regeneration – Waratahs

Regeneration – Waratahs

Image Size – 51 x 30cm
Framed Size – 75 x 50cm
Framed Price – $1500
Edition Size – 5


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Regeneration – After the destruction that occurs in bushfires the waratah regenerates from a lignotuber which is a type of starchy or woody swelling found partly or fully on underground stems – like a life support system.
In this print the outside leaves that are destroyed regenerate into the magnificent waratah flowers of the central panel.

Thus after destruction and when there seems to be no hope of regeneration something found below the surface holds the key for rebirth.
I have also drawn on the traditions of art nouveau and art deco in designing this work so the style also is a regeneration of past traditions.

© Copyright Lynette Weir – Artwork may not be reproduced without permission

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The making of Regeneration – Waratahs Limited Edition Linocut

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