Australian Floral Emblems

limited edition handpainted linocuts

Australian Floral Emblems

Nation of Wildflowers

Australian Floral Emblems Set of 8

Australia a Nation of Wildflowers

Australian Capitol Territory Wildflowers

New South Wales Wildflowers

Northern Teritory Wildflowers

Queensland Wildflowers

South Australia Wildflowers

Tasmania Wildflowers

Victoria Wildflowers

Western Australia Wildflowers

Australian Floral Emblems

New South Wales Emblem

Australian Capitol Territory Emblem

Tasmania Emblem

Queensland Emblem

South Australia Emblem

Northern Territory Emblem

Victoria Emblem

Western Australia Emblem


Lynette Weir

Australian Artist – Printmaker – Designer

© 2019 Lynette Weir – wildflowerings design


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