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Australian Celtic Wildflowers Glen Innes

Australian Celtic Wildflowers

Australian Celtic Wildflowers Menai

Wildflowers Circles – Scotland

Wildflowers Circles – Ireland

Wildflowers Circles – Wales

Wildflowers Circles – Isle of Man

Wildflowers Circles – Cornwall

Celtic Florals – Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall & Ireland

Celtic Circle (colour) – Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall & Ireland

Celtic Circles (B&W) – Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall & Ireland

Australian Celtic Knots – Gum Blossom, Flannel Flower, Wattle & Waratah

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All inquiries seeking permission for the use of artwork are most welcome. Artwork may be available under license for projects.

There is a fee for licensing and image use.

Charity or educational organisations may receive permission to use artwork for special projects or educational purposes without a fee, but you do need to seek and gain permission.

Please be aware if you use my images/artwork without permission you will be required to pay a licensing fee.

It is always better to ask than take.

Disclosure is required, if applicable, of any affiliations to any other organisations with a social/political agenda where the images may be used.  Any use of artwork by an organisation or individual without permission/undisclosed should not be seen as supportive of them, nor of any or all views expressed within that organisation.


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