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Flannel Flower Tryptich

Gymea Lily Tryptich

NSW State Floral Emblem Waratah

Sturt Desert Pea

New South Wales Flora

Sutherland Wildflowers

Sydney Wildflowers

Ivory Curl Flower

Trio of Waratahs & Firewheel Small

Trio of Mottlecah & Goods Grevillea

Waratahs & Flannel Flowers

Rainforest – Golden Penda & Firewheel Tree

Panel – Firewheel, Fringe Lily & Lily Pily

Everlasting Daisy

Flannel Flowers & River Lilly

Squares – Correa/Grevillea/Golden Grevillea

Wildflower Celebration

Australian Floral Emblems & NSW Christmas Bush

Powderpuff Lilly Pilly Window & Native Rhododendron

Design Waratah & Flannel Flower

Design Mistletoe & Christmas Bush

Design Scarlet Banksia & Silver Wattle

Design Strawflower & Sturt Desert Pea

Cards 2005 Waratah/Flannel Flowers/Wattle

Cards 2005 Gum Blossom/Grevillea/Banksias

Cards 2000 Flannel Flower/Gum Blossoms/Kangaroo Paw/NSW Floral Emblems

Design Native Rhododendron & Coastal Myall Wattle

Squares – Waratah/Banksia/Paperbark/Hibbertia/Kangaroo Paw/Eremophila

Smallworks – Everlasting Daisy/Kangaroo Paw/Flannel Flower/Waratah

Landscapes – Grevillea/Gum Blossoms

Panels – Paperbark/Banksia/Grevillea

Smallworks – Teatree/Pink Grevillea/Silver Wattle/Everlasting/Christmas Bell/Eucalyptus

Mini works – Gum Blossom/Bottlebrush/Christmas Bush/Golden Lily/Geraldton Wax/Native Lasiandra

Mini works – Wattle/Flame Tree/Crowea/ Swan Daisy/Pea/Red Grevillea


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