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Image Use Inquiries – please use the form

All inquiries seeking permission for the use of artwork are most welcome. Artwork may be available under license for projects.

There is a fee for licensing and image use.

Charity or educational organisations may receive permission to use artwork for special projects or educational purposes without a fee, but you do need to seek and gain permission.

Please be aware if you use my images/artwork without permission you will be required to pay a licensing fee.

It is always better to ask than take.

Disclosure is required, if applicable, of any affiliations to any other organisations with a social/political agenda where the images may be used.  Any use of artwork by an organisation or individual without permission/undisclosed should not be seen as supportive of them, nor of any or all views expressed within that organisation.

Irrewarra Bakery

Australian Biscuits Labels

Flannel Flower – Waratah – Blackbean

Sandridge Estate - Branding

Banksia Illustration

Logo & Branding

Toolern Vale Hills Winery

Pacific Black Duck Illustration

Wine Labels

Visual Arts - A Resource for Units 2A - 2B

Excerpts from Art Studio Diary used in Visual Arts Textbook by Lynda Kunyti & Beth Harcourt

Bamboo Designer Products

Jigsaw Puzzles


Eat Chocolate & Cry

Paperbark Lincout Excerpt

Cover art for the CD – ‘Eat Chocolate & Cry’

Thomson Learning

Licensed Sturt Desert Pea design for the Textbook ‘Viewing and Representing in Context 2’

Charity - The Big Issue

July 2009 Jo Southwell/Anne Hayres ‘The Big Ride’ for ‘The Big Issue’  ‘Emblems’ cycling shirts. “The Big Issue assists homeless people achieve their goals and reconnect with the community… supports people by giving them a hand up… by supporting them to sell street papers.” Jo Southall

Come along on my wildflowerings – exploring Australian wildflowers, wildlife, landscapes & inspirations

Life creating art & design

Art studio diary

online tutorials

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Licensing or image use?

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