Firewheels – Fringe Lilies – Lily Pily Fruit Panels

Firewheels – Fringe Lilies – Lily Pily Fruit Panels


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A design using flowers from the Firewheel TreeStenocarpus sinuatus.

This is a rainforest tree found in northern NSW and Queensland noted for its bright red ‘wheel’ flowers hidden amongst deep green leaves.

These beautiful Fringe Lilies are from Western Australia – although I managed to grow them in my garden on the east coast.

They form a spectacular display over a few days as each individual flower gradually opens.

The species name is Thysanotus multiflorus.

Thysanotus tuberosus is found on the east coast, but only has a single flower head.

Acmeni SmithiiLily Pily. A New design based around the fruit from a Lily Pily tree.

This fruit is edible and is also used to make jams.

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Firewheel Tree – Fringe lilies – Lily Pily Fruit

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