Tasmanian Christmas Bells Deco

Tasmanian Christmas Bells Deco

Image Size – 15 x 15cm
Framed Size – 35 x 35cm
Mountboard Price – $220
Framed Price – $280
Edition Size – 20


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Tasmanian Christmas Bells – Blandfordia punicea – is a small native wildflower found in Tasmania. It is found in wetter swampy areas with the talk stalk producing bell shaped deep red flowers with a yellow centre. It is related the the NSW Christmas BellsBlandfordia grandiflora.

Lynette loves to take Australian native wildflowers & develop artworks that take the elements of the shapes of the plants alongside colour in developing her distinctive linocuts.

This design is part of the ‘Deco’ series harking back to the long narrow rectangular shapes of the Art Deco period.

© Copyright Lynette Weir – Artwork may not be reproduced without permission

Art Studio Diary

The making of Tasmanina Christmas Bells Deco Limited Edition Linocut

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