Tawny Frogmouth Baby Snapshot

Tawny Frogmouth Baby Snapshot

I simply could not resist doing this small linocut of a baby Tawny Frogmouth. They are just such beautiful baby birds.

This linocut is based around some photos I took on a friend’s farm near where I live  – we watched this little clutch of birds grow from tiny white balls of fluff to the full sized beautiful birds. One common misconception is that these are owls, in fact they are part of the nightjar family as their feet are not like the powerfully strong feet of the owl family of birds.

This series of bird linocuts are based around the many photographs I have taken over the years – hence ‘snapshot’.

Image Size – 8 x 15cm
Framed Size – 24 x 27cm
Mountboard Price – $180
Framed Price – $250
Edition Size – 50

© Copyright Lynette Weir – Artwork may not be reproduced without permission


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