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Soulsongart Website

Soulsongart - Art Studio Diary

Studio Diary - Soulsongart

Soulsongart is meant as a companion to my website with the aim of showing some of the inspirations for my work as well as keeping people up to date with what I am currently working on within my studio and artwork. I also am indulging my love of and interest in natural history – Australian wildflowers, wildlife and landscapes.

Sousongart Tutorials Website

Soulsongart Tutorials - Linocut & Art Tutorials

Linocut & Art Tutorial website - Soulsongart Tutorials

The tutorials are posts from my Soulsongart - Art Studio Diary but organised into a sequential series of categories. In sharing the tutorials I hope to give some insights into my vision & arts practice. It must be remembered that other artists and linocut artists can and do work differently to the way I do – it is important to explore and experiment and find a way of working and representing that reflects your own vision.

- Lynette Weir