About the Australian Alphabets – Wildflowers & Wildlife

About the Australian Alphabets – Wildflowers & Wildlife

Lynette has been working on the designs for both the Wildflower Alphabet & Wildlife Alphabet over the past 5 years. Each letter of the alphabet s depicted within a small 10cm x 10cm linocut. These are available in an extremely Limited Edition Linocut of an Edition of only 10. They are also available as commercially produced posters. Lynette worked alongside Artist/Designer – Joanna Kambourian of Ms Browns Lounge who developed the idea from the limited edition linocut series into a commercially produced poster.

The beginning of the design for each of the Wildlife Alphabet letters had it’s genesis within the shape of the letter. Lynette took the basic idea of the shape of the letter, she then researched & photographed each of the particular Australian wildlife – bird, mammal, reptile, insect – for each letter. The challenge then was to depict some key aspect of each within a small 10cm x 10cm square and which would also work as a whole work when placed together as part of the alphabet. All of Lynette’s linocut designs begin as drawings which are then developed into images that can be carved and printed as linocuts.

The Australian Wildflower Alphabet is a celebration of Australian wildflowers in all their diversity & colour.

Unlike the Wildlife Alphabet the design basis came from the wildflowers themselves and not from the alphabet letters.

© Copyright Lynette Weir – Artwork may not be reproduced without permission